The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Vado

History of Romana -

It was a striving town, it joined the nation of the Holy Roman Empire but later got kicked, after that they joined Lacadaemonia. Then their leader, Vadokim, ventured out into the unknown. A month later he came back, an enemy had taken it over, Nova Rosa. He then ventured out and found the town of Kiso, an old friend owned it that he had in his town. He helped build Meereen and some of New Cairo before being kicked, after that he came back a month later to new lands. Then he made a town and named it Aladeen.

History of Aladeen -

After that he searched far and wide for new residents and comrades. He first found Khatamaho, a trustworthy and great person. After that he found a lot more members and built from there. After that the town of Aladeen joined Aeterna, In hopes of making their own nation, they left the nation to join The_Entente, they weren't happy there because the leader was never there. They left in search of a new nation, they joined Edo but got bored there. Then they went to the nation Icy, owned by Yavi. They later got kicked because they had a disagreement. Then they joined BraveNewWorld, owned by Mackelsaur and Leckaa. This was their best nation and their best friends by far. They worked in BNW in hopes to get enough money to fund a nation. After restless hours, they got 400,000 dollars of gold. They left the nation but made a new nation named Ancient Egypt. They are still thriving today and growing as we speak. This is just the start of The Egyptian Era.

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