Auror Val is the first NPC to give the player a non-tutorial quest. 

Quest Line


Quest Previous Requirement(s) Objective(s) Reward(s)
On the Trail of Corruption None Deliver 10 Spider Carcass to Auror Val placeholder
Sewage Run On the Trail of Corruption Deliver 5 Arcane Sludge to Auror Val placeholder
Them Bones Sewage Run Deliver 6 Powdered Bone to Auror Val placeholder
We Need to go Deeper placeholder Deliver 15 Cult Focus to Auror Val placeholder
Narrowing Our Focus placeholder Deliver 5 Cult Focus to Auror Val placeholder
Echoes of the Nox placeholder Bring a Cultist Plans to Auror Val placeholder
The Black Hammer Will Fall placeholder Kill Angvoth and bring back proof (Codex of Chaos) placeholder

Extra Quests


Quest Item Rewards
Kill Cultists 24 Cult Foci
Kill Fragmented Spiders 16 Avalonian Shards
Kill Sewer Skeletons 16 Powdered Bones
Kill Sewer Zombies 16 Arcane Sludge
Kill Brutish Spiders 16 Brutish Spider Legs
Kill Sewer Spiders 16 Spider Carcass

Harvest Fields

Quest Item Rewards
Blood on Your Hands 16 Thug's Dried Blood
Weeding the Garden 16 Blighted Wheat
Leashing the Hounds 16 Hound's Tooth
Controlling the Bandits 16 Hide Strip
Eliminating the Thugs 10 of each Thug Brace (Gregor, Ollie, Marie, Bill)
Cleaning the Outpost 16 Templar Insignia
Filing the Documents 16 Document
Stealing Some Emblems 16 Emblem of Markus Tilan

Deadman's Marsh

Quest Item Rewards
Kill Oak Spiders 64 Oak Tree Leaves 2000g
Kill Bog Zombies 64 Deadman's Marsh Vines 2000g
Kill Cave Dwellers 64 Catacomb Dust 2000g
Kill Grave Robbers 64 Ancient Relics 2000g
Kill Restless Spirits 64 Skeletal Remains 2000g
Kill Marsh Sisters 64 Witch Hazel 2000g
Kill Natives 64 Native Amulets 2000g
Kill Oakhelm Warriors 64 Oakhelm Arrow Shaft 2000g
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