A former general in Constantinople's army, no one knows what it was that caused the once-honorable Dugan to abandon his post and turn against the people he once swore to protect. Whatever it was that changed him, barely a shred of his former self remains. He has since become a vicious, ruthless bandit, extending an iron grip over the region of Harvest Fields.


Attack Description
Axe Spin Bandit King damages and slows anyone in a close circular AoE around himself.
Axe Pull Bandit King pulls and slows anyone in close circular AoE around himself.
Scatter Bandit King throws and damage players in a circle around himself.
Ground Smash Bandit King becomes rooted while he raises his axe and after two seconds he does damage, slows, weakens, and knocks up players in a circular AoE around himself.
Roaring Charge Bandit King leaps into the air and gains a speed buff. He also nauseates any player near him.
Looking for Prey Bandit King looks for a target to execute. After a few seconds he marks a player for death slowing and blinding them. After 3 seconds, he will use Guillotine, unless the attack is cancelled by repeatedly hitting him, or if he is stunned.
Guillotine Bandit King jumps into the air and instantly kills the player he has marked.
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