The Siren leaps in the air and crashes down, then continually emits a singularity aoe that pulls players in and deals damage.

Blackwater Apocalypse:

The Siren leaps into the air and starts channeling a spell, summoning 4 crystals in the puddles. If all of the crystals are not destroyed by hitting them repeatedly, The spell goes through and kills all players in the arena regardless of HP.

Surging Tides:

Particles spawn beneath the aggro'd player, and shortly release a pillar of water dealing damage. This repeats several times (around 8).

Rampaging Waves:

Particles streak from the center of each dry area directly across the arena. The waves flow in each cardinal direction once, for a total of 4 waves. Being hit by the waves deals damage and powerfully knocks the player to the side.


The Siren targets a random player in the arena, charming them. Heart particles appear around the player upon cast, then persist above the players head for a medium length of time. If a player is charmed, dealing damage to the Siren will deal backlash damage to that player and heal the Siren. There is not a cooldown on this effect, so skills like Venomous Strike and Arcane Storm can be extremely damaging to the player if they are charmed.

Into the Depths:

The pools spawn a ring of particles around them, and form a singularity that pulls players in. If the players are in the center of the whirlpool, they take damage for about every half second they remain in the pool.


The pools spawn a white ring around them before slowing every player caught in the pool.

Water Bolt:

The siren shoots a bolt of particles at a player, damaging anyone caught in the path. If the water bolt passes over a pool of water it summons a spike of water on the pool doing heavy damage to anyone in the radius.

Siren's Call:

The siren lets out a terrible cry that nauseates, blinds, and disorientates all players. Additionally, dealing unavoidable damage.</p>