Brave New World (BNW) is a nation aimed at helping new players as residents and future mayors. With Soma as the capital city of the nation, BNW is a collection of friendly towns whose mayors may have been residents of Soma at one point.

Brave New World exists to support its towns through help with commands, quests, recruiting, earning money, or any other questions they may have.



January 28, 2018


Leckaa, Mackelsaur


  • Free Access to BNW's Nation Cactus Farm (5x5 chunks, >20 layers).
  • Support with any and all server/towny commands and features, as well as planning advice to get your town just the way you want it and provide for your residents.
  • Job opportunities in BNW's towns to build farms, houses, etc. for pay.
  • The most active and lively nation chat where you can ask all your questions and get help with whatever you need.
  • Free titles of your choosing for all nation members - Mayors can receive the ability to grant titles as well (within 20 characters, and not inappropriate)
  • Opportunities to work with the talented architects of Soma and BNW's other towns.
  • Recruitment referrals for residents who would like to live in smaller towns than Soma.
  • Language-inclusive towns for those who speak other languages or have trouble with English. For example, members of Quebec speak primarily French and the mayor of Arkhadia is fluent in Italian as well as English.