A notorious outlaw and peerless archer, Deadeye Eirik has for most of his life served as an assassin-for-hire. Imbued with powerful magic, his arrows rarely miss his mark. Tired of a life on the road, he has found new purpose in serving The Bandit King, killing anyone brave or foolish enough to challenge his rule.


Attack Description
Piercing Arrows Eirik shoots arrows that can go through blocks and damage players.
Poisonous Arrows Eirik shoots arrows at quick speeds that inflict the player with Poison II if hit.
Explosive Arrows Eirik shoots arrows that explode upon impact, dealing moderate damage and heavy knockback.
Buckshot Arrows Eirik shoots three arrows in a short ranged cone. Every time he does this, he gains a large speed boost for a few seconds.
Trap/Focus Shot Eirik plants a trap at his feet. Anyone who steps on it will be stunned and targeted. Eirik will shoot at the targeted player if it is not canceled.
Lethal Agility Eirik gains a burst of speed for a short time.
Smokescreen Eirik shoots eight projectiles from every side of him. These shots have massive knockback and slow on hit. He then blankets the arena with smoke that blinds for a medium amount of time.
Equalizer Eirik locks on to a target before shooting a high damage arrow towards them. If the arrow connects with a target, smaller arrows will break off and fly around randomly.
Scattershot Eirik charges for three seconds before shooting long ranged fire arrows in a cone shape at the targeted player.
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