FRO is not an acronym. The creators of FRO decided that all of the nation names on MLMC were too serious, so they decided to lighten up the atmosphere of the server, and create a funkalicious name such as FRO.


Nation History

FRO was founded in the summer of 2017, after the capital town of Rapture left the nation of Holy Roman Empire.

Town History

The town of Cat Horse was the third town founded on the server. The town was founded by BrethrenAlex. Alex left the town in late February 2017 to join magmimina's town because he was bored of owning a town. Alex gave the town to Classicalad, who was assistant at the time. Classicalad then renamed the town to Rapture.

War History

Classicalad surrounded the town of Fantasia, because a resident of Fantasia scammed a resident of Rapture.

The conditions of the war were;

If Rapture wins: Rapture unclaims all land, and is paid 45k by Fantasia. The scammer must be kicked from Fantasia.

If Fantasia wins: Rapture unclaims all land.

The war was a best of 1 battle, with four members on each side.

Rapture won the war with 4 kills to 0 kills.