The brothers known as Hammer and Anvil are infamous highwaymen, renowned for their violent tendencies. Like many of their ilk, they answered The Bandit King's call to arms when he first took Harvest Fields. They have served as enforcers in his army ever since, killing and pillaging anywhere they see fit.


Think Fast:

Hammer produces a cloud around him that blinds all players within.

Hammer Slam:

Hammer pauses for 1 second before lunging at the target. If hit it will damage and slow the target. When enraged, the cooldown for Hammer Slam is drastically reduced.

Crushing Blow:

Hammer damages you and gives you slowness.

Target Practice:

Hammer shoots out 3 short ranged attacks that damages on impact.

Death Lotus(Enraged):

Hammer channels for 2 seconds and charges up an attack. After he charges up he begins damaging players in AOE around himself. This AOE is in a cone shape that rotates around himself.

Bloody Strikes(Enraged):

This attack heals Hammer for a small amount.

Skull Cracker(Enraged):

Lightning strikes down on Hammer's target when he melees them, dealing additional damage, as well as giving the target slowness and nausea.


Anvil jumps into the airs and slams the ground damaging anyone in a small AOE around himself.


Anvil slams the ground causing a rupture to follow the target. This does a fair amount of damage and knocks up the player. Can hit multiple times.


Anvil casts a ring around himself. During this time if Hammer is inside the ring he will not be damaged.

Find Big Brother:

Anvil teleports himself to Hammer and does a small explosion.


Anvil leaps into the air and slams down knocking anyone up in a big AOE around himself.


Anvil upgrades his fissure spell and also gains the crush spell. He also loses his protect and big brother spell. Hammer gains super speed and gains the skull cracker, bloody strikes, and death lotus spells. He no longer uses crushing blow or target practice.