"why are there floor people?"



Good nation =)


Leader History:

Neoblade298 (noob/Founder)

Littletto (Neoblade's lover and queen)

Sequelman1 (Current king)



Our brave leader nerobrade298 led us into battle against the world, utilizing the oldest Hibernian combat style; MFE, or as only the worthy knew, Maximum Fisting Efficiency.

Few live to remember the great war civil war of Skandia. The lower skandians, known for their mole like customs rose up to fight of their oppressors, the tyranical upper and middle skandians. Their Leader, trollalope, fought with the aid of his owl ally, magmimina, to fight off the evil sequelman1 of middle skandia and littletto the tyrant of upper skandia, supported by fecalowls.

Modern Day

The God King sequelman1 rules with an iron fist.