Lacedaemonia, officially the Lacadaemonian Union and commonly abbreviated as LDM, is a capitalist, sovereign and imperial state which was created in July of 2017. Nominally a union of autonomous city-states, Lacedaemonia is an intercontinental oligarchy in which the government is comprised of the mayors and secretaries of each member city-state.


Lacedaemonia was founded in July of 2017 after the Grand Secession of the Holy Roman Empire, in which the city-state of Sparta, led by olliereeed, was declared a sovereign city-state. Shortly thereafter, Sparta laid the framework for a soon-to-be nation, Lacedaemonia, which would, in the following months, rapidly grow and expand.

In late August of 2017, through an unnamed treaty, the nation of Lacedaemonia annexed the city-states of Kiso-Almere (now known as Kiso), led by Bransonevans, and the United Provinces, led by Dutchsoldier12.

Sparta remained the administrative capital of the imperial state whereas Kiso-Almere rose to become the cultural and residencial capital of the union, garnering up to 170 people, nearly 55% of the nation's total population.

In the following months, Lacadaemonia began to adopt a neutral stance, which influenced some towns to join the union, such as Abisuru, Kolgrafir and Ilirea, which are now recognized member city-states of the imperial union.