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Anyone who is inflicted with a cocoon, if they don't destroy the cocoon fully under a certain amount of time they become fully encased. This leaves them unable to move, see, or attack. Also being fully in case leaves the player susceptible to being devoured by Lillith, which insta-kills the target and heals herself.

Call for Crawlers:

Lillith summons 3 crawlers to fight alongside her. Lillith may later devour these spiders to heal herself.


Lillith cocoon's all players in the arena.

Relentless Hunt:

Lillith launches her self at her target for up to 3 times. After each lunge she does an AOE around herself


Lillith launches herself and a player into the air, causing them to be stuck in the webs. Additionally, several different spiders fall down that are similar in stats but are destroyed in Relentless Hunt.


Lillith destroys up to 3 of her crawlers that are still alive. She heals different amounts depending on how many she kills.

Piercing Stab:

Lillith stops in place and aims at her target before quickly lunging at them and doing heavy damage.

Bared Fangs:

Lillith for a short while will have an AOE around herself. If anyone enters that AOE she will lunge at them and do heavy damage. The AOE lingers for a short or goes away when she lunges.

Capture Prey:

Lillith launches a string of web at her target. If it hits, the player will be pulled and also cocooned.