Lift Shield:

Lucius lifts his shield into place, and become immune to all damage until he lowers his shield. A message will appear to let the player know when this happens.

Lower Shield:

Lucius lowers his shield allowing players to hit him while its down. He typically lowers his shield during a spell.


Lucius will begin to channel this skill, creating a Replenish health bar. You will have a few seconds to deplete this bar, otherwise he will regenerate some of his health.


Lucius smashes the ground in a line in front of him, doing moderate damage and slowing anyone hit.

Shield Bash:

Lucius prepares a hard-hitting bash with his shield for 2-3 seconds before striking in a cone-shape in front of him. This attack deals medium damage as well as medium knock-back to all players in reach.

Shield Slam:

Lucius takes few moments and prepares a powerful attack with his shield. This creates a circular area in which the attack will occur. All players within the circle when the attack lands will take high damage as well as high knock back.


When Lucius reaches half health, the outer area of the arena begins to crumble. Standing in this area will cause you to take constant medium-heavy damage and will knock back the player towards the center of the arena.