Mage is a frail class with strong damage, and is the only tier 2 class with an ally healing spell, making it very useful in early boss fights.

Active Skills

These skills require the user to manually cast them. It costs 2 skill points per rank to level up these skills.

Icon Ability Description Detail Tiers Attribute Bonuses
Drain Magic that deals damage to the target enemy and heals the caster. Low cooldown, basic attack. Drain has reliable damage and at 5/5 has a managable cooldown of 4 seconds. Should be maxed first. 5
  • Increase Damage by 60% INT
  • Increase Heal by 10% SPR
Runic Blast After channeling for 1 second, blasts the target area. All nearby Enemies take damage. The second of mage's attacks, with the second lowest cooldown. Provides reliable aoe damage and is a powerful way to clear out mobs and to gain experience by killing many mobs quickly. 5
  • Increase damage by 1.2x INT (120%)
Arcane Storm After channeling for 5 seconds without taking damage, a storm is summoned at the target area for a brief time, dealing damage each second. 5
  • Increase damage by 30% intelligence
Meditate Begin a channel in which the caster gains a percentage of their maximu mana per second. The channel is cancelled by crouching or taking damage. 3
  • Increase mana regen by 5% SPR
Haven Begin a channel which creates a healing field that will heal all allies per second for a short period of time. Taking damage will cancel the heal early. 3
  • Increase healing by 30% INT
  • Increase healing by 40% SPR
Blessing Grants you and all nearby allies a bonus of 30 Strength, Dexterity and intelligence for a period of time. 1
  • Increase buff duration by 20% PRC
Riftwalk You have 2 riftwalk charges. Crouch to use one and warp after 0.5 seconds. Gain speed for 2 seconds after warping.Charges refresh after a period of time. Riftwalk has two variants of the skill: Riftwalk Forwards, and Riftwalk Backwards, which you can level only one of at a time. 5

Passive Skills

These skills either cast automatically, or are constantly active. These cost 2 skill points to rank up.

Skill Description Detail Tiers
Lifeline If a player reaches below 40% health, and has at least 30% mana left, significantly reduces damage taken. During lifeline, the user loses 5% mana each time they are hit. 2
Mage's Essence As a mage, passively gain a 20% damage buff when wearing all iron armor. 1
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