The quest world is the main attraction of MLMC. Currently this world has 2 main quest areas open so far, Lowtown and Harvest Fields which each have several different quest givers, each with their own quest line and boss fight. There are several other quest locations such as Argent Plaza and Deadman's Marsh, but these locations offer different variations of quests. There will eventually be new areas open soon, such as the Frozen Wastes and the lands beyond, each with several new questlines. These areas will not be unlocked until Tier 3 is released.

Questing Classes

Currently there are 2 tiers of questing with a third tier arriving in the near future. Tier 1 is the beginner class and ranges from questing levels 1-10. Questing levels can be checked using /char and questing power can be increased by investing /skill points and /attr points wisely. Once the player reaches level 10, he may talk to Karav Par at /warp advance to advance to one of the 4 Tier 2 classes including:

Once the player reaches level 30, he is ready to move on to Tier 3 which, as of now, is expected to go until level 60.

Questing Locations

There are several questing locations found in Argyll, each with their own unique quest types, quest lines, and other things. These areas include the following: