Ratface – formerly known as Rickard – was once lieutenant in the city guard, under Verric’s corrupt predecessor, Slynt. Unfortunately for him, Verric shared none of Slynt’s predispositions – his first act as the city’s new captain was to purge the watch of corruption. Ratface, once a respected personality, wound up disgraced – stripped of his rank and title and banished to The Low District.  Ever since; he’s worked with the Black Hammer to avenge himself upon the city that wronged him.


Attack Description
Invisible A few seconds after Ratface spawns, he become invisible for the remainder of the fight, leaving only a stone hoe to give his location.
Vital Pierce Ratface attacks a player with an empowered hit, dealing more damage.
Expunge Ratface channels, then releases an AOE damage attack around him.
Blind Ratface inflicts blindness onto a target and jumps away a small distance.
Toxic Beaker Ratface channels, then releases an AOE around him that confuses and poisons players in the radius.
Summon Guards At the beginning of the fight, Ratface summons iron-clad guards to attack the player and will continue to summon guards throughout the fight
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