Unleashed Power:

Dhaga charges for 3 seconds and proceeds to launch 6 bolts at random targets, these bolts travel through blocks

Eldritch Bolt:

Dhaga launches a powerful bolt towards an enemy, the bolt follows the target for up to 5 seconds before it either connects or dissipates, players struck are stunned for 3 seconds


A maelstrom manifests on a player, anyone standing within it take damage per tick, the maelstrom is capable of following players


Dhaga inflicts wither upon all players until she is struck

Resurrect Dead:

Dhaga summons 4 Undead Archivists to attack players as well as heal her, healing stacks

Orb of Essence:

When Dhaga is attacked, she has a chance to spawn an Orb that if players destroy, are given levitation for 7 seconds

Last Rites:

Dhaga: "You'd better climb, trespasser, else you'll be roasted alive."

Dhaga speaks the line above and after a decent time, lava rises from the ground up and stops just before the top of the bookshelves, the lava does extreme damage

Magical Barrier:

Dhaga shields herself with a magical barrier that lasts a decent time

Warding Force:

Players standing on the middle platform will be attacked with a slow moving melee range projectile that does extreme knockback

Stored Power:

Dhaga begins to store power, after a few seconds the middle platform erupts and deal damage and knock back to all standing upon it

Veins Boil with Rage:

Dhaga's veins boil with rage and she kills off all Undead Archivists to heal very fast

Regaining Strength:

Dhaga begins to regain her strength and increases the speed of her projectiles by a substantial amount


At around 1/5 HP, Dhaga places her soul within a Phylactery and becomes invulnerable, in order to disable the invulnerability players must destroy the newly spawned Phylactery