As a Swordsman, you will be a front line fighter. In this position, you will be taking the most damage as well as dealing out constant low-medium damage. It is a Swordsman's job to provoke aggression from enemies while defending their allies from attacks.

Active Skills/Attacks

These are skills that require the user to cast them manually. Each skill costs 2 points per rank.

Empowered Edge -

Ranks (x/5)

Gain a short burst of speed, your next attack deals bonus damage, and you heal for a small amount if you land your attack during the speed boost. This skill requires a sword. Damage increased by 40% of strength.

Cleave -

Ranks (x/5)

Charges for 1 second before sending out a wind slash, damaging and slowing all enemies in front of you. Requires sword. Damage increased by 10% of strength.

Provoke -

Ranks (x/1)

Provokes a single enemy to attack, raising your threat significantly. Enemies damage is reduced for a short time after provocation. Threat increased by 100% of endurance.

Blind Fury -

Ranks (x/5)

Lose any regard for safety, gaining increased damage, whilst also taking increased damage. Requires dual wielding 2 swords. Damage increased by 50% of strength.

Bulwark -

Ranks (x/5)

Decreases damage taken from all sources for 5 seconds. Requires a shield in the off hand. Damage reduction increased by 20% of endurance.

War Cry -

Ranks (x/3)

Cry for war! This grants you and nearby allied a boost to damage and speed for 6 seconds. Also knocks back nearby enemies. Buff time increased by 10% of perception. Damage bonus increased by 50% of perception.

Charging Tackle -

Ranks (x/3)

Charge forward. If you hit an enemy, knock them back dealing damage, and lower your cool down of the skill. If you were out of combat while casting this skill, deal additional damage and slow the enemy. Damage increased by 50% of strength. Cool down reduction increased by 10% dexterity.

Passive Skills

'These are skills that do not need to be activated manually. They are either permanently active, or will activate on their own. Each skill costs 2 points per rank.'

Thrill of the Kill -

Ranks (x/1)

When you kill an enemy, heal a small amount of HP and gain a small speed boost. Increase healing by 20% of perception.

Desperate Retaliation -

Ranks (x/2)

Upon reaching less than 30% of your maximum health, you gain speed II and deal extra damage per hit for a short time. Increase the duration by 5% of endurance. Increase bonus damage by 50% of strength.

Swordsman Essence -

(Swordsmen have this skill by default)

As a swordsman, you are more durable than other classes. Wearing full diamond armor gives you an additional 10% damage reduction. This also increases your base damage by 20% of your strength.