Starting NPC

Quest Location

  • To get to Verric, you most first go to Lowtown. Once you arrive, you must then travel North until you get to a NPC named Auror Val. If you look around you will then see a gap in the fence to your East. Go through this gap and Verric will be waiting to give you The Alleys of Fear.


Val sent you, huh? Guess you'll do. Folks have been disappearing lately - Find out why. - Verric

Quest Requirements

Walk Through

  • Investigate the disappearances. (Hint: Follow the blood splatters (redstone) up the stairs to the left!)
  • Talk to Verric.

Quest Rewards

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 400 Gold
  • 300 XP

Next Quest

Why is it Always Cultists

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