Phase 1: Plagues of Atrophy, Stagnance, Obscurity, and Decrepitude ==

Cloak of Corruption:

All skeletons gain extreme thorns. The Blight mob in the center as well as the Plagues glow while this is in effect.

Tendril of Corruption:

Seeking projectile that relentlessly pursues a random player, other players cannot take the tendril


Increases the damage dealt by skills and skeletons move much faster.


Blight shoots out a projectile to each Plague, dealing damage to players caught by the attack. The skeletons then shoot at players with the same projectile, the Plagues shoot in a consistent order as follows

Atrophy > Obscurity > Decrepitude > Stagnance


The Blight pulls all players nearby into the center, dealing damage to all players caught by the attack.


Each skeleton spouts a pool of particles under them. Depending on the color, they inflict debuffs as follows:

Red = Wither, Green = Slowness, Black = Blindness, Grey = Mining Fatigue

Phase 2: The Blight

After killing all 4 skeletons, the blight transforms.

Scorched Earth:

Repeated AOE that strikes the same part of the arena several times.


Particles rain down from the ceiling, causing debuff pools to fill the floor. If the Blight walks over them, it regenerates health, these are the same rings as Exertion from the first phase

Blossom of Defilement:

The Blight shoots out waves of particles in 8 directions 4 times, damaging players hit by the blasts

Chain Reaction:

The blight shoots splitting particles that cover the area, applying negative debuffs

Death Sentence:

A black mark appears over the aggroed player. After a few seconds, it fires a projectile dealing high piercing damage that slowly travels in the direction of the player. The black mark teleports every time the projectile fires to be above the players head.