A fallen god, The Entity was the creator of The Nox, and the guiding intelligence behind their hive-mind. Eons ago, it was responsible for a schism between itself and its brethren, corrupted by the power its kind gained from the worship of the mortal races. Knowing that it could not strike out against its kin directly, it instead watched and waited, gathering strength for a devastating assault on The First World.

By the time the other gods realized what The Entity was doing, it was too late. It shattered and consumed The First World. The other gods could only watch with despair as the souls of their beloved creations were drawn into their former comrade. As all that they had spent decades lovingly crafting was summarily unravelled.

Together, they hatched a plan to do the unthinkable: to kill their former friend. The plan worked. They slew the entity, cast its body into a forgotten corner of the void, and returned to their own plane of existence.

They had not accounted for the fact that gods experience death differently than mortals - for the fact that even dead gods can dream.

For eons, The Entity gathered its strength, slowly moving towards the heart of The First World. This would be its stronghold. Again and again, it used the Nox to strike out at creation, until eventually - enraged at the return of the Creators - it joined the assault itself.

This would prove to be its undoing. Working together with Constantinople and Avalon, the Mages of the Tower of Galidan - led by Lorekeeper Ahavniel - used forbidden magic to create a being capable of fighting The Entity on even terms. Its body was created from the planet's core, its mind from the soul of Ettar Zin, the most powerful archmage in history.

Thus was The Immortal born - a being every bit as terrible as The Entity itself. The world was very nearly destroyed by the battle between the two, but when at last the smoke cleared, The Entity was slain, this time for good. Now leaderless, the remaining Nox were quickly wiped out.

Though The Entity is gone, it is not forgotten. The scars it left on the face of creation will never fade. Worse still, there are those who would take the being's place, becoming the new helm of the Noxian armies.

Should they succeed, the world could well be cast into another dark age - and this time, it might not recover.

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