Thief is a powerful glass cannon that, when played well, can deal devastating bursts of damage. However, Thief has a medium skill floor and demands careful play to use it's main damage skill, and is not suited for reckless play.


Backup Plan: (X/5), 2 points to level up.

Drops a dagger onto the ground....

Attribute Bonuses:

Increase Damage by 100% DEX

Doubling as a mobility tool and a significant damage burst, Backup Plan is a valuable skill that can be used to outmaneuver enemies and strike harder.

Venomous Strike: (X/5), 2 points to level up.

Coat your weapon...

Attribute Bonuses:

Increase Damage by 10% DEX, 30% INT

Venomous Strike is a simple Damage over Time skill that is easy but effective to use. Even at 1/5, the damage is very respectable, and should be something to consider investing into early.

Cripple: (X/5), 2 points to level up.


Attribute Bonuses:

Increase damage dealt by 5% PRC idk I don't have thief open rn

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