Major gimmick: Rules of 3. Arena: Circle with 29 block diameter</p>


Demonic Claws:

Zaphkiel lashes out in a short range cone around him. Being hit by the lash gives Zaphkiel a damage buff for a short time.

Demon's Breath:

Zaphkiel spews a large cone of flames in front of him 5 times, dealing heavy damage within a 8 block radius. Can only be used in offensive stance.

Flame Barrage:

Creates line of fire in front and back of Zaphkiel, dealing massive damage. Works like Earthshatter from Tilan, going clockwise. Arena Wide range. Can only be used in offensive stance.

Engulf in Flames:

Zaphkiel rains meteors down from above dealing damage to players near the impact. Additionally, leaving a lingering AOE on the ground that damages players every half second. Disappears after a short while.

Fear the Unknown:

Blind all players in the arena and after a short time will randomly teleport to a player in the arena.

Rippling Rift:

Zaphkiel sends out a shock wave in a ring around himself. Getting hit by this will launch the player back and do moderate damage. This happens 3-4 times.

Soul Shield:

Zaphkiel summons a shield that passively shields himself from any damage. Can only be damaged once the shield is destroyed. Can only be used in defensive stance.

Demon's Regeneration:

Passively heals a small portion of health every second whilst being in the defensive stance.

Stance Change:

Zaphkiel can switch between a defensive or offensive stance. 


Zaphkiel calls down a barrage of flame for an extended length of time, dealing massive damage to those damaged.